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Welcome to the Naomie Harris Online press archives, where you’ll find online articles, interviews and magazine features of Naomie from throughout her career. We aim to make this section as complete a resource as you’d hope to find, so if you have any articles that we may be missing, be sure to contact us so we can add it in. The archives will be updated as often as possible, allowing fans to have a reliable way of keeping track of Naomie’s latest interviews.

Magazine and Press Articles from 2017

2017/02: A Nominee in the Moonlight – New York Magazine
2017/02: Naomie Harris on the future of Bond, Oscar hopes, and why she didn’t want to play a crack addict – The Telegraph
2017/02: Oscar Nominee Naomie Harris on Her Intense, Decades-Spanning Role in Moonlight, Filmed in Just Three Days – W Magazine

Magazine and Press Articles from 2016

2016/03: Naomie Harris: The James Bond Speculation Is “Premature” – ELLE
2016/05: ‘I portray strong women because that’s what I know’ – The Guardian
2016/05: ‘What Sheridan Smith is going through is so hard’ – The Telegraph
2016/10: Naomie Harris On ‘Moonlight,’ The One Role She Never Thought She Could Handle – IndieWire
2016/10: How Naomie Harris Filmed Her Stunning Moonlight Role in Just 3 Days – New York Magazine
2016/10: Naomie Harris’ Latest Role Is The Opposite Of James Bond Glamour – Refinery29
2016/10: Naomie Harris Had to Overcome Her Own Judgment to Play ‘Moonlight’ Role – Variety
2016/11: ‘Moonlight’ Star Naomie Harris Has the Answers Actors Need – Backstage
2016/11: Why Naomie Harris Is About to Have the Biggest Moment of Her Career – InStyle
2016/12: Naomie Harris On Bridging The Chasm With Paula In ‘Moonlight’ And Her ‘Jungle Book’ Dream Job – Deadline
2016/12: Naomie Harris bypasses the stereotype and makes the crack addict real in ‘Moonlight’ – Los Angeles Times
2016/12: Naomie Harris Explains How ‘Moonlight’ Avoided Crack-Addict Stereotypes – New York Times

Articles and Interviews from 2015

2015/07: The Truth Seeker – The Edit
2015/07: Naomie Harris plays a tough social worker in ‘Southpaw’ – New York Daily News
2015/10: 10 minutes with Naomie Harris – Red Magazine
2015/10: Naomie Harris: We should ditch demeaning ‘Bond girl’ term – The Independent
2015/11: For Queen and Country – Town & Country
2015/11: Naomie Harris on Acting, Spectre & Daniel Craig – Untitled
2015/11: Naomie Harris Talks ‘Spectre,’ 007, Bond Women – WWD
2015/12: Bond Ambition – ESSENCE

Articles and Interviews from 2014

2014/01: Naomie Harris: A Star Apart – Harpers Bazaar UK
2014/02: Mandela, Bond and Oscar Buzz – Red Magazine

Articles and Interviews from 2013

2013/02: Naomie Harris’ My London – Evening Standard
2013/11: From Miss Moneypenny to Mrs Mandela, Naomie Harris on the role of a lifetime – ES Magazine
2013/11: As Winnie Mandela, Naomie Harris found the role of her career – NY Daily News
2013/11: Naomie Harris interview: ‘Playing Winnie is the hardest thing I’ve done’ – The Observer
2013/12: Naomie Harris on her illuminating journey into the heart of Winnie Mandela – Interview
2013/12: Naomie Harris stays light despite the gravity of ‘Mandela’ – Los Angeles Times

Articles and Interviews from 2012

2012/10: Agent Provocateuse – Stella Magazine
2012/10: This Is Not A Bond Girl – Stylist
2012/11: Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe double up for 007 – USA Today

Articles and Interviews from 2011

2011/05: Naomie Harris Goes Back to School in ‘The First Grader’ – Backstage
2011/05: Naomie Harris: The Teal Deal – Vanity Fair
2011/06: Naomie Harris heads back to school – The Independent
2011/08: Naomie Harris: from Cambridge student to movie star – The Telegraph

Articles and Interviews from 2010

2010/03: Naomie Harris: ‘I want to play Elizabeth Bennet’ – The Guardian
2010/04: My Secret Life: Naomie Harris – The Independent